08/31/14 Playlist


Choosing the songs for this first playlist was pretty easy…anyone who knows me well will immediately recognize some of my all-time faves, but that’s why I threw in some newer songs that are definitely making an impact on what I’m into these days.

Foals is an excellent newcomer to my stereo, and that’s thanks to their phenomenal set at Sasquatch! this year. “Inhaler” rocks in all the right places, tones down when it needs to, and all the while the band is weaving in and out of a variety of really tasty beats.

Kikagaku Moyu’s also an exciting addition – a bartender put their record on one afternoon, and I immediately thought it was some Black Mountain recording I hadn’t discovered yet. Later research revealed the band is actually a psychedelic five-piece out of Tokyo, and they’ve made some truly rad stuff so far.

Then there’s Icky Blossoms. One of my friends, also formerly of Nebraska, introduced me to this Omaha-based band when they came to Portland a couple years ago, and I haven’t stopped listening to their self-titled debut album since. Electropop sex in the vein of Goldfrapp…I strongly advise you check this band out.

And let me know if you have any other questions on the rest of the songs! Always happy to share what I love.


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