FKA twigs – LP1


Grade: A

On her first official full-length, English singer-songwriter Tahliah Debrett Barnett, or FKA twigs, delivers a nearly supernatural kind of R&B, and it’s absolutely mesmerizing at times. In truth, though, it took me nearly three complete listens of the album to determine whether I even liked the sounds she was producing. This is definitely an artist that has created a style wholly her own, and it can feel strange and alien at times. In the end, though, it’s as starkly beautiful as can be.

LP1 is one of the most unique albums I’ve ever listened to, and it’s thanks to the use of Barnett’s hypnotic and sensual voice, meshed with futuristic slow jams. There’s so much feeling and emotion as she reworks the question “Was I just a number to you?” in “Numbers”, a tune that pushes every door of the musical landscape wide open. But that’s almost the story for every song on this experimental album, and that’s why it’s such an impressive one.

Maybe you should just hear it for yourself to understand the alluring appeal of FKA twigs. Then please – let me know what you think!


Also check out this week’s playlist to hear “Video Girl” from this debut album by FKA twigs.


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