James Murphy strikes again

It’s reassuring to know that while LCD Soundsystem may still be gone (insert sad face), frontman James Murphy remains a solid fixture in and around the music universe. Since LCD’s disbanding in 2011, Murphy’s gone on to work as a producer for Arcade Fire’s Reflektor, and  the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Mosquito, not to mention a handful of other projects that include the score for Noah Baumbach’s upcoming flick While We’re Young.

Now he’s investing himself in something in which he admits, “I’ve never done anything quite like this.”

Murphy’s new project teams him with IBM developer Patrick Gunderson as they work to convert data from tennis matches into music. This data is currently being retrieved from the US Open, which began last week and runs through September 8th. Check out the work Murphy’s completed from the matches so far here, and listen as the new collaborators explain the mechanics of what they’re working on:

The result of this innovative process definitely possesses a robotic/electronic feel to it, and the work of Gunderson and Murphy promises to create almost 400 hours of music. There’s no word yet on what all will be done with this mass volume of beats, but Self-Titled magazine has revealed Murphy is working on remixes of the matches that will be free to the public via Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes. Pretty cool stuff indeed.

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