Ty Segall is the best

One of the biggest benefits to being a Ty Segall fan comes in that you will never be left waiting more than 10 months or so for his newest musical endeavor. And whatever it may be, there’s a solid guarantee it will be different from the last. Not so different that it separates itself from Segall’s trademark, garage-based, scuzzy style, but distinct enough to stand out as yet another breakthrough from the 27-year-old genius.

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Since 2009 Segall has released nine full-length albums, either as a solo artist, with the help of his loyal band or as a collaboration with others. Going solo he got started with Burger Records and Goner Records, but has done much of his work since on Drag City. This includes his release last week of Manipulator, his tenth, to date – stay tuned next week for a full review of that terrific new one.

With each release Segall takes steps into new territory, and what’s even more phenomenal than the amount of music he churns out is the quality of each record. Each one features retro touches of fierce guitar work, but contains the kinds of savvy beats and grooves that declare them his own. The majority of his tunes are fun-lovin’ pounders of rock rhythm, and they flourish with a cocky, punk attitude that enlivens your own soul as you headbang along.

Never has it seemed the guitarist was hoping to even make money off his records. Rather, from the few times I’ve been lucky enough to meet him, it’s as if he was just bursting with ideas for music and wanted nothing more than to share them with anyone willing to listen. He’s also got a fantastic sense of humor, and honestly seems as if he doesn’t even know what a monster of a talent he is. And that is why I adore him so.

Watch below as he gets ganged up on by a carload of bad news characters, in the video for “The Man Man”, off his recent solo Sleeper, and be sure to check out one of my all time faves, “Sad Fuzz” on this week’s playlist.

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