Whoa, U2

Was anyone else out there as confused as I was when I opened up my iTunes this morn and found a brand new U2 album recently added to my library?

Apparently the band worked with Apple to make Songs of Innocence happen, and I really don’t think I like the idea of it, at all. Now, maybe if this were the 1983 version of U2, I’d be a little bit more receptive to getting my hands on some free music from the Dublin boys, especially if it was a surprise. But considering I stopped caring about the band circa ’97, all this release does is remind me of how damn powerful the band has become.

Yes, I will probably end up giving the album a listen, but for now I’m just trying to shake the feeling of being music spammed. I’m also slightly concerned Bono will eliminate me as soon as I post this.

Oh, if only these guys were still around…


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