9/15/14 Playlist

My playlist this week is a bit random, but just know I put it together thinking about how much it takes for a song to make me dance. Usually it needs a really driving beat and lots of variety, and that’s maybe why my favorite track on here is TTC’s “Travailler – Orgasmic Remix”. I found this song created by the French hip hop group seven years ago, and it’s been a part of almost every playlist I’ve made since. It’s just irresistibly delicious, and makes me shake my ass like none other.

Of course I also included Robyn – who always makes me happy dance – this time as she teamed with fellow Scandinavian buddies Röyksopp – who always put a smile on my face while I’m dancin’. And don’t get me started on Cut Copy’s “Where I’m Going”…those Aussies have created four straight albums of terrific dance music, the kind you never wanna skip a track on. That song, though, is definitely my favorite of theirs – it’s just about as fun as it gets.

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