Azealia’s return

It’s been tough sticking by Azealia Banks’ side these last couple years, partly because of the unnecessarily defiant and argumentative way she’s come off in the news. There was also that Sasquatch! set she failed to show up for last year, and let’s be honest – we’re all getting impatient waiting for her next single to be as fierce and awesome as her first, “212”, amirite?

Thankfully, with a new song and hint at a potential new album, I may be willing to get behind Banks again.

“Chasing Time”, which Banks has been singing on her current tour and was released on iTunes this week, features the Harlem songstress singing prettily, yet still slinging killer raps in all the right places. It might not be as catchy or raunchy as “212”, but many are heralding it as the next big song for Banks. Maybe they’re right. We’ll see what Banks’ next move is from here.

Unfortunately, Banks has removed “Chasing Time” from Soundcloud, so I can’t share it with you here, but at least we can still love up on the video that brought her to us first:

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