11/23/14 Playlist

It is with this new playlist I regretfully inform I’ve decided to halt the releases of these mixes as “weekly” offerings. As much as I absolutely love sharing music with y’all, I’ve come to realize I don’t have the time to put as much effort into new playlists each week as I’d like to. Don’t worry, though – I’ll still be posting plenty of playlists month to month, so that you always have something lovely for your ears.

And so with today’s playlist I address the problem of songs being overpoweringly good, even if they are by someone you can’t stand. Which of course you can read more about in my latest opinion piece. 🙂

Featured this week are musicians I have zero problem hating, such as Edward Sharpe (his demeanor is just so very annoying to me) or Jack White, Michael Jackson or Axl Rose. There’s also the ones that have maybe one or two songs I can’t shake (Britney Spears, Bon Iver) no matter how much I dislike the artist, as well as the musicians we’ve all heard can be cocky and selfish when it comes to the industry, or their personal lives (Josh Homme, QOTSA; John Gourley, Portugal. The Man; Isaac Brock, Modest Mouse).

Also thrown in are those who just exhibit bizarre and aggravating behavior (Foxygen, Lana Del Rey), and the groups that were so damn good once, then sold out to create nothing but nonsense (Kings of Leon).

It’s not a question of these being guilty pleasure songs, but rather, feeling guilty about liking music from someone I don’t like. So I wanna know: who are some artists you’re not ashamed to like the music of, even if they’re personalities or attitudes are offensive or unbearable?

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