Mark Ronson deserves your thanks

On this day of giving thanks I’d like to put the excellent Mr. Mark Ronson in the spotlight, mostly cuz I’m still cherishing what he did for us on last weekend’s Saturday Night Live.

I’ve always been a fan of Ronson and his work as a producer, especially after I discovered 2007’s utterly fantastic Version, of which he enlisted a string of great artists to do ingenious covers of newer songs for. That included Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie” and the spectacular Ol’ Dirty Bastard remake of Britney Spears’ “Toxic”. Not to mention “Just”, featuring Phantom Planet, which has remained a staple of every dance mix or playlist I’ve made since.

I kinda lost track of Ronson these past few years – his last album, Record Collection, dropped in 2010 – but then he showed up out of nowhere alongside Bruno Mars for the most recent SNL. Now, I have zero interest in Mars, and honestly can’t name a song he’s done on his own, but seeing him paired up with Ronson definitely intrigued me. It had to mean he’d produced Mars’ latest, which could only indicate the R&B pop star had finally found someone to improve his sound to the proper degree.

And damn did he prove this last Saturday night. After giving a terrific throwback performance with the finger snappin’ “Uptown Funk”, Ronson and Mars dropped an awesome bomb by bringing Mystikal into the set for “Feel Right”. MYSTIKAL. Talk about fierce guest arrival. And the shake ya’ ass man guested hard. So well it was easy to forget Mars was even on the stage with him.

But anyways, it’s clear neither “Uptown Funk” nor “Feel Right” could’ve been made, let alone even conceptualized, without Ronson’s hands in the mix. So thanks, man. Especially for being so talented with your productions you can make someone like Bruno Mars look cool. Cannot wait to hear the rest of what you’ve been up to lately…

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