Celebrities sing-along to their favorites just as I do

As much as I respect Janet Weiss, Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker, I’ve never been as into Sleater-Kinney as I probably should be. I’m not even that versed with their musical output, which leaves me a little ashamed, but I at least recognize and applaud their punkish, riot grrl ways, wholeheartedly. And considering they’re practically my neighbors in this fair city of ours, I feel I should be showing them a bit more of my respect.

I’m a big fan of their latest video because it supports a fantastic new song for the trio, “No Cities To Love”, but also because many of the random famous people featured end up sounding just like me as I belt out a favorite song: off-tune and fabricating words as I pretend to know the lyrics. If you’ve never had the pleasure of road-tripping with me, and watching as I shamelessly belt out every song that comes on the radio, incorrectly, just watch for Andy Samberg’s face as he tries to mumble along to the lyrics. It’s a pretty accurate comparison to my own attempts at singing.

But there’s also J Mascis, Sarah Silverman and a bunch of other awesome celebs in the video, not to mention the one and only Daryl Dixon, so enjoy as they recreate Sleater-Kinney’s sweet new single for you:


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