Time after time, music has saved my day. Maybe I’d just suffered a miserable shift and needed the pounding of “When The Levee Breaks” to make me forget it. Or maybe I was feeling super homesick and had to pump some Johnny Cash through the speakers to put a smile back on my face. Perhaps it was a day of inspiration I was looking for, and so I went to Janelle Monae’s latest, The Electric Lady, to find where my head needed to go.

And of course there were the heartaches, as well as the days my heart was apt to explode with love. There could’ve been no better remedy those days than music. Sweet, sweet music. With all its understanding and advice and reminder that every little thing/gonna be alright.

I’m not telling you something you already didn’t know – obviously music has helped billions upon billions of people get theirs, and I’m sure that very much includes you. That’s why I want to share my thoughts on music via this blog, and encourage you to speak up with your opinion whenever you’re so inspired.

But I also ask to please please please be respectful to others, because everyone deserves their own beliefs on what’s happening with music. And friendly correspondence with each other can foster some eye-opening things when it comes to the arts.

I’ll be updating this as frequently as I can, with reviews, release news, tour/festival updates, opinion pieces and basically whatever pops into my head. I think you’ll dig it. And I will not be holding my thoughts to one particular genre – I love bits and pieces of every genre out there (except pop country), and am happy to discuss musicians and events from every angle there is.

So read on!  Prepare mind to be blown.