D’Angelo pulls off the greatest return ever

Can you even believe it’s been 15 years since Voodoo? At the same time, it’s been so long since we had new music from D’Angelo it was starting to feel he’d been a myth to begin with.

Then he goes and pulls a Beyonce and surprises the world with one of the biggest albums of the year, with weeks to spare. If you haven’t listened to Black Messiah yet, stop whatever it is you may be doing and either go buy it or start streaming it immediately. It is PHENOMENAL. I say the 15 years we just waited was well worth it. Adding awesomeness to this wonderous piece of art, Q-Tip and ?uestlove contributed to it, as well!

And if you’re gonna get caught up with D’Angelo’s naming of the album, and worry he’s gone the Kanye route, take a look at what’s written in its liner notes:



Words like these instill my faith in music a million times over. 2014 most certainly was a difficult year to watch unfold, but musicians such as D’Angelo, and so many others, have stood up and used their spot in the spotlight to do good for the people, inspiring peace and change and unity. It’s a goddam beautiful thing.

Speaking of beautiful, let’s get off this solemn moment for a second and pause to honor who and what D’Angelo was 15 years ago. Then go get his new album.  Truly, it’ll blow your mind even so much more than everything about this video does:


10/6/14 Playlist

In light of news Kanye has as many as 20 songs finished for his upcoming new album, I got to thinking about my favorite songs from Mr. West. The man’s never released an album I didn’t like, and I even stood by him while most of the rest of the world despised him. My favorite moment in these past few years of Kanye vs. The Public was the night he got drunk at the VMAs and stumbled up onto the stage to ruin Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech – it was golden, and my appreciation for him multiplied, thanks to my utter distaste for that country pop tart. It also led to the creation of what I consider his best album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Way to send a big F you to your critics, West.

Obviously the rapper’s music has taken a bit of a redirection post-Kardashian, and while I’m not a fan of all his new music, I still appreciate the individuality it possesses. Much as I do the originality so many new artists like Chance the Rapper and A$AP Rocky exhibit, both of who are included in the playlist above. I’v also got some of my most beloved rap songs in there – PLEASE LET MISSY ELLIOTT RELEASE NEW MUSIC SOON – and you’ll see that Q-Tip and T.I. made the list more than once, mostly because they’re two of my most favorite.

It wraps up with my #1 West track, off the album that truly made his name a household one. Here’s hoping whatever he cooks up for this next release is even more savvy than what he’s given us so far.